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Protect Pipelines and Right-of-Way

As part of the company’s integrity management plan, Explorer monitors and inspects its system using the latest technology.

We have constant surveillance of our pipelines through field inspection, aircraft patrol and 24-hour observation from our operations control center in Tulsa, OK. On a regular basis, we also inspect the interior using technology that detects potential corrosion and mechanical damage.

In addition to 24-hour monitoring and ongoing safety and security procedures, Explorer relies on government and safety officials to help protect the pipeline by notifying the company regarding potential damage or right-of-way issues.

Enforcement of Right-of-Way Restrictions

The pipeline right-of-way is the land above and approximately 25 feet on either side of the pipeline. Right-of-way restrictions prohibit building or planting on this area.

Unauthorized building or planting in the pipeline right-of-way is known as encroachment. Explorer regularly conducts maintenance to trim trees and remove shrubs or structures that are on the right-of-way. We need to be able to clearly view the pipeline corridor during aerial or foot patrols as part of our safety practices.

If you see trees, plants or structures including sheds located near the pipeline, email us at row@expl.com.

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