Pipeline Emergency: Call 1-888-876-0036

How to Identify Pipelines Near a Job Site

Always call 811 or your local One-Call Center to have pipelines and underground utilities near your job site identified and marked before starting your project.

State laws vary slightly, but in general excavators are required by law to call at least 48 hours before starting an excavation project. Both services are free and prevent accidents and injury.

Pipeline Markers

Pipeline markers are located along the pipeline’s path, but they should never be used to identify the location and depth of a pipeline before excavating. Pipeline markers identify the general location of the pipeline, the specific products transported, the operator’s name and the emergency contact number.

Dig With Care

Once lines are located, respect the marks and dig carefully near the pipeline. An Explorer representative will be on-site while you work around our facilities to inspect the work and monitor the site until construction is complete.

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