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Jim Sieck

Director, Engineering, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental

Jim Sieck’s experience in oil began with a summer job as a roustabout in the west Texas oilfields. Shortly thereafter, he earned a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Wyoming. Jim worked at Petro-Lewis Corporation and PITCO and as an independent petroleum consultant prior to joining Explorer Pipeline in 1989.

Widely respected for his expertise, Jim has been involved in environmental remediation, air emission mitigation and compliance projects in nine states and has authored a number of articles on the topics. He has a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Jim is a member of several industry organizations, including the Society of Professional Engineers, and is a former elected school board official.

What Jim enjoys most about Explorer:

The authentic, supportive culture. Employees are given the tools and authority to accomplish tasks at hand in creative, efficient ways, and are never pressured to compromise their values to achieve results.

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